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A Shining City: America at a Crossroads by Frank Mitchell is a book about restoring America’s founding vision of A Shining City on a Hill with Liberty and Justice for all to the national political dialogue. It is Mitchell's desire for the Republican Party to re-embrace this message and vision of Ronald Reagan and the American founders. This book outlines how doing this will make the Republican Party once again the majority party in America in a way that it has not been in a hundred years since the Great Depression.  Available at Amazon>>


Frank Mitchell is available to speak to your group at 

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In early 2014 Frank Norton Mitchell was one of the original founders of The Reagan Lincoln Republicans, a group supporting America as A Shining City on a Hill. The Reagan Lincoln Republicans (site attempt to uphold the vision of America of Ronald Reagan and of Abraham Lincoln who both said famously that America is the world’s “last best hope.”   It is our hope to return the entire Republican Party to the political vision of Liberty and Justice for all of these two great American presidents. The Reagan Lincoln Republicans seek to be a voice of Reason in a world that has gone half mad with the Democrats’ outrageous Social-Justice Liberal-Leviathan state. And as Ronald Reagan said, “If we fail,” let it be said of us, “We did all that could be done.”

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This book Sustainable Development & The Abolition of Man: Living with the New World Order and Its Global Governance explores the origins and the development of the concept of Sustainable Development and how it relates to the humanists and globalists’ plans for an openly proclaimed New World Order of totalitarian global governance and how this will inevitably lead to what C. S. Lewis calls “the Abolition of Man.” This book also does a somewhat detailed analysis of how the many aspects of the totalitarian global governance of the Sustainable Development agenda relate to Bible prophecy. Available at Amazon: 


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The 1000 year Reign of Christ prophesied in the Bible is often a misunderstood idea in all its fullness for a millennial era Kingdom of God come on planet Earth. This is subject is explored in great detail in 4 different books by Frank Mitchell at  


The Whole Counsel of the Kingdom of God Coalition (site seeks to promote the Kingdom of God on earth in all its fullness.  +++




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The Story of Western Philosophy

Today’s Leftists, Liberals and Humanists challenge the whole heritage of Western civilization upon which America is founded.  The foundation of America is “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” of the Judeo-Christian worldview as expressed by Thomas Jefferson and the American founders in the Declaration of Independence. There is actually a 4000 year story of Western civilization going back to Abraham in the Jerusalem tradition and to Heraclitus in the tradition of the ancient Greeks of Athens.  This 4000 year story is the subject of the two volume work The Story of Western Philosophy: The Rise and Fall and Return of Reason by Frank Mitchell.  This "story" traces the 4000 year history of God's will for good government from Abraham to the present day in relationship to various Greek philosophical schools or worldviews in terms of their Rationality or Logos validity, and how these topics relate to a Shining City "Kingdom come" vision. Available at Amazon>>

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Donald Trump's Place in History:

The Untold Story

by Frank N. Mitchell | Aug 14, 2020

Paperback    $15.95   

In 2016 and still today in 2020 it would appear that Donald Trump is in the process of leading a worldwide movement of democratic nationalist populism against the globalist agenda for a one-world governmental authority over all the nations of the world as sought in such programs as the United Nations Agenda 2030.    

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